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General questions about oxygen, moisture and gas analyzers

We have over 100 dedicated gas analyzer representatives around the world.  Please visit our distributor's page to find the distributor in your country.

The average lead time of a process gas analyzer, oxygen analyzer, moisture analyzer and headspace gas analyzer is generally from 4-6 weeks. This is dependent on the specification of the gas analyzer ordered. For exact times, please contact our Technical Sales Managers.

The average lead time of an oxygen permeation analyzer or water vapor permeation analyzer is between 10-12 weeks dependent on the specification.  For exact times, please contact our Technical Sales Managers.

Spare part lead times can vary depending on the part required for your gas analyzer, anything from next day delivery to two weeks.  Please contact our spare parts department with your requirement.

Our gas analysis instruments are manufactured at sites in the USA and UK with gas analysis technical service centers in China and Thailand.

We will need you to discuss via phone or e-mail your application requirements with one of our technical sales managers.  Followed by filling in a gas analyzer application questionnaire.

In most cases we will set up an account for you, please contact our accounts department at the relevant head office. The telephone numbers are listed at the top right of the web page.

We offer software to be able to connect to a PC.  Many of our gas analysis instruments also have the option of an analogue output.  RS232, RS485 and USB communications are present, please contact us with your communication requirements.

Different gas analysis instruments comply to different standards including: CE, ISO, ASTM, JIS, DIN, ATEX.  Please contact one of our Technical Sales Managers with details of the certification that you require.

Yes, Systech Instruments Ltd Quality Management System complies with the requirements of International Standards Certification ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope:

The quality management system for the design, manufacture, sales, repair, service and calibration of gas analysis instruments for use in safe and hazardous area applications.  

The quality management system for the design, manufacture, sales, repair, and calibration of scientific instruments for applications in process gas analysis, food and pharmaceutical packaging.


Technical questions about oxygen, moisture and gas analysers

We can supply gas analyzers, oxygen analyzers and moisture analyzers for the process industry, including intrinsically safe analyzers for hazardous areas. Headspace gas analyzers for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Oxygen permeation analyzers and water vapor permeation analyzers for the packaging industry.

This is specific to the measurement gas, the range of measurements required and the type of application.  Please click on the link for the technical specifications of each product range:

Yes, we can also offer solutions and custom built gas analyzer instruments for specialised application requirements.  Our design team will give significant consideration to reliability, quality, performance and cost effectiveness.

We have a dedicated team of site service engineers.  On-site servicing of your gas analyzer is available with one of our service contracts or simply by calling and requesting a visit.  Please contact us for more details.

Yes, there are weather proof enclosures.  Temperature range is a factor that will need to be considered, but there are solutions to achieve the correct range for the analyzer.

Calibration is carried out in a different way depending on the technology and the application.  Frequency of calibration can vary from daily to annually.  Please contact us to receive advice on calibrating your oxygen analyzer.


Questions about Headspace Gas Analysers

Yes, we have a range of gas analyzers for testing modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), please click on the link for our oxygen and carbon dioxide gas analyzers for food packaging.

The Gaspace Advance and the 6000 oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace analyzers can analyze volumes from 5cc.  The Gaspace Advance Micro analyzes volumes from less than 1cc.

There are various options available to you depending on the headspace analyzer instrument that you choose.  Options can include PC software, a printer, a can piercing station but the essential option is a flexible packaging kit which will include a needle probe and various needles, filters and septas to enable you to choose the right parts for your application.

Our headspace gas analyzer range offers fast, reliable Modified Atmosphere Packaging testing of headspace in gas flushed food and pharmaceutical packaging.  Our oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace analyzers provide reliable results for shelf life testing and quality control.

The Gaspace Advance Micro comes as standard with an integral printer, the Gaspace Advance and the 6000 range of gas analyzers have the option of a printer.


Questions about Permeation Analysers

Our permeation analyzers can test a wide range of packaging and barrier materials including films, bottles and hard and soft packages.  Please look at our permeation range for more information about water vapor permeation analysis and oxygen permeation analysis.

Oxygen and Water Vapor permeation test times depend on the type of material, permeation is after all a physical property.  Please contact us for example permeation test times on different materials.

Please consult the relevant pdf for measurement ranges on the different permeation analyzer instruments, or contact us with your required ranges and we can recommend a permeation analyzer for the purpose.


Questions about Process oxygen analysers

Yes, our 542 gas analyzer for thermal conductivity analysis is a versatile, programmable gas analyzer, capable of measuring many combinations of gases. This gas analyzer instrument is especially suitable for measurements of mixtures containing hydrogen or helium. With the use of sensitive floating circuits, the thermal conductivity analyzer can detect gases down to parts per million levels and up to full concentration.

We have a range of instruments that are ATEX approved, intrinsically safe gas analyzers. These analyzers are used for oxygen analysis and moisture analysis in hazardous environments.

Yes, our EC96 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor offers continuous monitoring of confined spaces, inert storage areas or where low or high levels of oxygen may pose a hazard to personnel.  For technical data, please go to the EC96 gas monitoring instrument page.

To find out the specific response speed for each gas analyzer please click on the link for the technical specifications of the product ranges:

This will depend on the application but we can offer various solutions that will mean the gas analyzer can be mounted at considerable distance from the sample point, please contact one of our Technical Sales Managers with details of your application.

We can offer three different technologies for oxygen analysis, please contact one of our Technical Sales Managers with details of your application and we will give advice on the best solution for your application.

We are able to provide gas analysis for this type of application, please contact one of our Technical Sales Managers with details of your application and we will give advice on the best gas analysis solution for your application.

No. Under normal conditions, the effect of changes in atmospheric pressure on the reading is negligible. For a full explanation please download the technical note below.

ZR810 Sensor - Atmospheric Pressure Changes

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