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Meeting the new ASTM F3299-18 WVTR Standard

“Meet permeation squared.  By adding the Model 7100 to our all-new OxySense® Model 8100e (released May 2018) companies who test for permeation transmission rates now have access to both WVTR and OTR with instruments meeting International standards ASTM F3299-18 for WVTR, and ASTM D3985 for OTR,” said Doug Lindemann, Managing Director, Systech Illinois.

"Users can rely on accurate and repeatable results for high barriers, due to the coulometric, calibration free sensors incorporated in each instrument,” Lindemann added.

Systech Illinois engineered the AquaSense Model 7100 with its proprietary high-sensitivity, coulometric sensor to provide full compliance with the new ASTM F3299-18 standard in a feature-rich, high-value system.  It accurately measures WVTR for a wide range of barrier materials, packages, and closures. It is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, and medical device packagers, film converters and resin producers who are looking to accurately measure barrier materials at a lower cost.

This advanced technology and design offers fully automatic testing at the touch of a button with a full-size touchscreen, providing easy operation of the instrument and display of the test results. Its film loading system, Q-SealTM allows simplified film loading and reduces operating cost with no gas-powered cell closure system.

A major feature of this WVTR system is its capacity for expansion. Systech Illinois is the only major developer of transmission rate instrumentation to offer satellite expansion. Each satellite can be configured to meet the testing lab’s precise testing needs, allowing them to cost-effectively add capacity as needed while at the same time lowering their cost per test.

Systech Illinois has incorporated an automated “Test Condition MatrixTM (TCMTM) feature allowing sample analysis of up to ten different temperature and relative humidity conditions within a single test set-up. The resulting test matrix allows labs to correctly identify their materials performance over a wide range of real-life conditions.

Additional automatic features include control of relative humidity (RH), temperature, pressure, flow and all other testing parameters. Auto-StopTM prevents sensor damage due to exposure to excessive levels of water vapor, extending sensor life.

Systech Illinois’ Model 7100 system runs on a full Windows® operating system enabling safe, secure operation and network connectivity via either Ethernet or WIFI providing remote viewing and control from anywhere.

They offer effective remote, Internet-based support with the ability to diagnose and repair system errors without the cost and time involved with on-site visits.

Posted on Thu Oct 11, 2018

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