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Systech's gas analysers used in custom built glove boxes

For precise monitoring of oxygen and other gases in glove box systems, Pyramid Engineering use the EC900 oxygen analyser and 542 binary gas analyser.

Since 1990, Pyramid Engineering Services have been developing their range of glove boxes. They provide a perfectly controlled environment for handling and assembly applications in many industries. Originally designed to complement Pyramid’s range of hermetic welding systems they are now custom engineered to suit many other process integrations within industries such as Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food Processing, Research etc.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the glove boxes are designed as modular systems to allow for upgrades or future modifications. This flexibility is of great benefit providing real solutions to customer’s changing requirements in either process or production.

Combining the various glove box options to build a complete production cell offers the user the perfect production environment whether it be for dry inert gas, clean filtered air or even static fume operation. Typical use allows the isolation of the operator from process materials or the encasement of a particular production process within a controlled atmosphere, as in the case of semiconductor device encapsulation.

Integrated into the glove box system is the Systech EC900 oxygen analyser which provides continuous and highly precise monitoring of oxygen levels. This analyser offers long service life, ppm precision and rapid response time for increased productivity. Pyramid also use Systech’s 542 programmable gas analyser in their controlled environments. The 542 is a binary gas analyser for measuring almost any gas, allowing Pyramid to monitor many gas combinations within their glove boxes. Both instruments use the highest quality sensors to provide accurate and reliable measurements; assisting the control and regulation of the perfect glove box environment.

Martin Heath, Sales Manager at Pyramid Engineering says,

Systech’s range of gas analysis equipment for the Optoelectronics industry allows us to monitor more sophisticated gases and provides us with accurate analytical data.”

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