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OxyPerm System

OxyPerm Oxygen Permeation System

Fully scalable oxygen permeation system for films, bottles and packages.

The all-in-one OxyPerm Permeation/OTR System is the ideal solution when you want to begin or expand your oxygen permeation capabilities and capacity without breaking the budget. By bringing your OTR testing in-house; you control the cost, consistency, and calendar.

With the OxyPerm Permeation/OTR System, users are able to conduct an unlimited number of permeation tests, simultaneously, on films, bottles and finished packages. And with the emphasis on improvements in package cost and performance, this new resource can be the solution to your lab requirements!

OxyPerm System includes:

OxySense 5250i - Part # X-5250i
Permeation Chamber (optional) - Part # 300364-501
BottlePerm Fixture (optional) - Part # 300450-501
Permeation Gas Flow Meter - Part # 300446-501


  • Industry : Packaging
  • Gas : Oxygen
  • Complies with : ASTM standard F3136-15

Features & Benefits

  • Real time data—graphs and logs
  • Integrated report writer
  • SampleTracker™ sample management software
  • Easy to use, touch screen operation (on OxySense 5250i)
  • No annual maintenance or calibration
  • High performance/low cost


  • OTR measurements on films and packages
  • Package material and design evaluation
  • Closure Design and Evaluation
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Research and Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Headspace and dissolved O2 testing

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