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EC9500 and ZR8500 NitroSave Oxygen Sensor Control System

Oxygen sensor and nitrogen control system 8500/9500

Save up to 50% in nitrogen running costs with the Nitrosave oxygen sensor control system

The oxygen sensor and nitrogen control system 8500/9500 monitors and adjusts atmospheres in soldering machines and heat treatment furnaces, saving nitrogen, cutting costs and improving process control.

The Nitrosave, nitrogen gas saving system, monitors the residual oxygen in the system under control using Systech's latest cell technology.  The oxygen measurement is then used together with a fuzzy logic control algorithm and user defined setpoints for desired oxygen level, to automatically control the opening of the valve, which regulates the flow of nitrogen into the machine.

This ensures enough Nitrogen to comfortably maintain the desired oxygen level is fed into the machine but eliminates the waste seen with fixed flow nitrogen systems. Installation of the Nitrosave is very simple and it can be retrofitted to almost all types of machines.

This technology is easily transferred to other inerted machines. Whether you have a small wave machine or large reflow system the savings with Nitrosave are considerable. With nitrogen reductions of up to 50%, the payback time for the system is very short with the added benefits of improvements in process control and full traceability.

The 8500/9500 oxygen and nitrogen control system is available in three different configurations:

  • Panel-mounted or bench-mounted oxygen and nitrogen control systems
  • NEMA 4X / IP66 waterproof and weatherproof O2 and N2 control units
  • 19 in. rack mount


  • Industry : Process
  • Gas : Oxygen
  • Application : Ovens/Furnaces, Glove Boxes, Nitrogen Gas Saving
  • Measurement range : 0.1ppm - 100% O2 Autoranging
  • Measuring cell type : Electrochemical or Zirconia solid state, dependent on application

Features and benefits

  • Save on Nitrogen usage and rework costs
  • Improve process control and product quality
  • Automatically detects a halt in production and reduces N2 flow for even greater savings
  • Extremely fast response time even after high oxygen excursions mean quicker process optimization
  • Nitrosave Viewer PC software makes set up quick and easy
  • RS232 communications output for data logging can document the whole process
  • Small footprint allows OEM manufacturer to install inside their machine


  • Curing ovens/vessels & furnaces
  • Flow soldering
  • Food packaging lines
  • Glove boxes
  • Nitrogen purge systems

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