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AquaSense 7101 | ASTM f3299-18

Water Vapor Transmission Rate Analyser 7101

Coulometric Sensor for WVTR analysis to meet the new ASTM F3299-18 standard for testing barrier films

Meeting the NEW ASTM International F3299-18 standard, the AquaSense Model 7101 water vapor transmission rate analyzer incorporates the most advanced coulometric sensor technology with high sensitivity. It is simple to operate, reduces testing costs and increases productivity. Its wide humidity and sample temperature ranges provide research grade flexibility.


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What’s new:

  • Completely new design
  • High sensitivity, coulometric sensor with no calibration required
  • Easy testing, just load the film and press a button to start
  • Large touch screen providing easy operation and display of results
  • Film loading made simple and effective with the Q-Seal™ gas-free cell closure system
  • Automatic relative humidity and temperature control
  • Expandable up to 32 cells
  • “Test Condition Matrix”(TCM™) enables you, with the touch of a single button, to test a sample at up to ten different conditions of temperature and relative humidity.

The AquaSense 7101 is designed to be expandable and reduce your testing costs. Systech Illinois is the only major developer of transmission rate test instrumentation to offer satellite expansion. Satellite systems can be configured to meet your precise testing needs, allowing you to cost effectively add capability as needed while continuing to reduce your cost per test.


  • Industry : Packaging
  • Gas : Water Vapor
  • Application : Permeation
  • Measurement range : 0.002 to 70 g/(m2 . d). 0.02 to 1,000 g/(m2 . d). when masked.
  • Test temperature range : 10 to 40°C (50 to 104°F)
  • Test RH range : 20 to 90% RH
  • Sample Size : 50cm2, adapters available for smaller sizes

Features and benefits

  • Large interactive touch screen makes working with the instrument easy and intuitive. To test, just enter conditions and press start.

  • The sensor continues Systech Illinois’ leadership in providing a longer lasting sensor with a lower replacement cost.

  • This system runs on a full Windows® operating system enabling safe, secure operation and net- work connectivity.

  • Anti-Surge prevents sensor damage due to excessive levels of water vapor - extending sensor life.

  • Accurate validation obtained in just a few hours using third party certified gases. NIST traceable.
  • Systech Illinois can access your instrument (with your permission) to diagnose and repair system errors without the cost and time of an on-site visit.


  • Barrier films
  • PET bottles
  • Containers
  • Closures
  • Flexible pouches
  • Bags

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