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All oxygen permeation instruments are created equal

So, if they are all equal, what should I base my purchasing decision on?

Systech Illinois are leading specialists in the manufacture and design of permeation instruments and employ state of the art Coulometric based sensors to provide reliable, versatile and repeatable results in oxygen permeation measurement.

Our oxygen permeation analysers offer accurate testing of all packaging film, finished package and PET bottles. Using high quality coulometric oxygen sensors they provide extremely fast purge down times and accurate readings at the lowest levels. The wide measurement range means that these analysers can be used for research and development permeation testing and have the speed required for use in Quality Control.

Systech Illinois’ global operations include manufacturing and head offices in the UK and U.S, sales and support facilities in China and Thailand and dedicated representatives worldwide.

If you're looking to reduce the cost of permeation testing, and who isn't - talk to us, it's free, get the facts, do the comparison and expect to save money.

Posted on Mon Jul 3, 2017

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