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New DualPerm Oxygen & Water Vapour Permeation Station

At this year’s K show, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new combined oxygen and water vapour station, the DualPerm, this combination package offers substantial savings to the initial purchase cost of 2 separate permeation analysers; shared computer interface; shared nitrogen supply and reduced installation costs.

Systech have been designing and manufacturing oxygen permeation and water vapour permeation analysers for many years offering reliable and versatile testing of all films, packages and bottles. With precise control, these analysers offer a wide sample temperature range of 5° to 50°C and a measured and controlled relative humidity range of 20 to 90% RH. All Systech analysers are certified traceable to NIST.

Systech’s water vapour permeation analysers utilise our long-life Proprietary Coulometric P2O5 sensor, the primary method for absolute moisture measurement, which is more sensitive and stable than infra-red and does not require calibration.

Our leading permeation instruments deliver: the fastest permeation results; extremely fast purge down time; accurate readings at the lowest levels and the highest quality sensor on the market.

Click for more information on the DualPerm OTR Analyser

Posted on Mon Jul 18, 2016

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