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Moisture transducer designed for OEM users

In response to customer requirements, Systech Illinois have developed an integrated, cost effective moisture transducer for OEM’s and multiple sampling points.

Ideal for applications in the petrochemical, power generation and process industries, the MM300 provides simple, accurate moisture measurement of -100 to +20°C dew point in gases at line pressure or atmospheric pressure.

Designed with the OEM user in mind, the MM300 transducer and monitor can be easily integrated into a wide range of systems. For applications such as glove boxes, environmental chambers and test chambers the moisture transducer is mounted directly in the gas stream. The optional monitors provide many additional functions including; alarm set points, 4-20mA re-transmission and provide the power for the current loop. Other options include; remote monitoring, wall mounted sample system and an Intrinsically Safe transducer.

Posted on Thu Feb 21, 2013

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