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Comprehensive permeation testing of films, bottles and packages

Systech Instruments, a leading expert in package, flexible film and bottle permeation test equipment, offers a testing service for companies that haven’t the time or the facilities for their own in-house testing.

Their Permeation Testing Laboratory provides a fast, accurate and reliable service to companies throughout the world.

Utilising their renowned range of oxygen and water vapour analysers, including the 8700 versatile packaging analyser, Systech offers comprehensive testing of films, bottles, cartons and packages.

The temperature and humidity controlled laboratory is able to carry out tests under a wide range of conditions. Comprehensive test results are available in tabular or graphical format. Systech’s experienced laboratory technicians have an extensive back catalogue of test results that they can use as benchmarks for new material testing. The laboratory is fully compliant with all of the relevant standards.

Posted on Mon Feb 22, 2010

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