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Welding Reactive and Refractory Metals

Application: Welding Reactive and Refractory Metals

Measuring shielding gas purity is critical for welding reactive and refractory metals

The Aerospace, Automative, Medical and Military industries are increasingly using refractory and reactive metals such as Titanium. These metals have many positive attributes - durable, lightweight, bio-compatible and corrosion resistant but they are expensive. To avoid expensive waste, rework or risk of component failure it is imperative that the shielding gas is measured.

Typical specifications require that the shielding gas (usually Argon) has 99.995% purity with less than 20ppm oxygen and a dew point between -50 to -76°F (-45 to -60°C).  Our oxygen ZR800 analyzer and MM500 moisture analyzer are ideal for measuring the purity of the shielding gas as they are designed with detection limits far lower than these requirements and are available in a variety of configurations.

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