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Monitoring gas mixtures in Weld Overlay Cladding production

Monitoring gas mixtures in Weld Overlay Cladding production

Arc Energy utilise the 542 binary gas analyser to monitor the mixture of gases in their weld overlay process.

Arc Energy Resources was started by European Welding Engineer, Alan Robinson in 1994. Since then they have become a worldwide contractor of weld overlay clad products and services.

Arc Energy’s weld overlay cladding provides heavy duty protection against corrosion and wear for process and pipeline equipment used in hostile environments, including offshore oil and gas applications.

Weld overlay services are utilised in a vast number of industry sectors where service conditions require corrosion resistant properties. This cladding provides the assurance of a heavy-duty metallurgically-bonded protective layer that will not be undermined or dislodged in service.

Arc Energy offer a high quality product with a very low defect rate. They conform to the most stringent specifications imposed by the industry, with workstations specifically designed for pipe cladding that are equipped with the latest control and inspection facilities.

Within their weld overlay process, Arc Energy utilise the 542 binary gas analyser from Systech Illinois to monitor the mixture of gases. Different gas mixtures are required for different types of welding. The 542 offers the ability to accurately check the gas mixture to ensure it is suitable for the application.

The 542 binary gas analyser is capable of measuring almost any mixture of gas. It uses the highest quality sensor to provide accurate and reliable measurements; assisting the control and regulation of the ideal weld overlay environment.

Andrew Robinson, Director at Arc Energy says,

The weld overlay cladding process is sensitive to the mix of shielding gas being used, and it is increasingly becoming a customer requirement for us to prove the quality of the gas. The Systech analyser allows us to satisfy ourselves that the gas is correct, and provides additional reassurance to the customer that we are able to produce a top quality product. The support provided by Systech in terms of training and maintenance has been excellent.”

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