MM500 Moisture Tester for Corrosive Gases
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Moisture tester MM500 for corrosive gases

Providing safe, accurate and reliable analysis of moisture in corrosive gas mixtures

Designed specifically for corrosive gases, this sample system works in conjunction with our range of MM500 analyzers for moisture measurement in corrosive gases. Offering accurate and reliable, on-line trace moisture analysis for Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride and other corrosive gases in safe or hazardous area locations.

The MM500 Moisture Analyzers are designed to be customised to your application giving precise moisture measurements while providing a simple, yet affordable analyzer.

All instruments in the range incorporate microprocessor control, with our high quality electrolytic moisture sensor, to bring flexibility to your process environment.

These analyzers provide an absolute measurement with accurate, dependable results over a wide range from 0.01ppm to 1000ppm. Unit of measurement can be selected from ppmv or dew point (°C or °F).

Sample wetted parts are made from corrosion resistant materials throughout. All non-wetted brackets and materials are stainless steel.


  • Industry : Process
  • Gas : Moisture
  • Application : Industrial Gas
  • Technology : Phosphorus Pentoxide
  • Measurement range : Autoranging from 0.01ppm to 1000ppm and equivalent in dew point
  • Accuracy : ±5% of reading or 0.4 ppm(v)
  • Response Time : 90% within 60 seconds
  • Acceptable gases : Chlorine / HCI and other corrosive gases in safe or hazardous area locations
  • Sample System : IP65/Nema 4

Features and benefits

  • Autoranging from 0.01 to 1000ppm
  • RS232/485 outputs
  • ppmv, Dewpoint °C and °F
  • Sample system IP65/Nema 4
  • No calibration required
  • Inert gas purge
  • Fault alarm
  • Corrosion resistant materials throughout


  • Corrosive gases

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