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Reflow Solder Oven

Application: Reflow Solder Ovens

Reflow solder machines are used in applications where production line flow solder machines require a controlled atmosphere within the pre-heat tunnel, to achieve optimum solder connections for highly reliable printed circuit boards used in the electronics industry.

Components are soldered onto printed circuit boards at a high speed for use in computers, mobile phones, PDA devices and general electronic circuit cards. To facilitate an ideal solder connection, whilst minimising oxidisation, the process requires gas flushing, usually with nitrogen, to achieve a low level of oxygen.

Systech’s nitrosave oxygen control system can accurately measure the oxygen levels and ensure real-time control of the exact amount of nitrogen flushed through the solder machine. This is a critical part of the process as, in addition to requiring the optimum soldering environment, nitrogen wastage is expensive.

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